Selected Essays and writings:

Darren Sylvester – Touch a Compass (Essay, 2018, Difficult Fun)

Lee Lozano and the Unknown Line (Essay, 2015, Runway Experimental Art)

On Artlands (Essay, 2016, Runway Experimental Art)

Review of Order of Appearance for Heavy (Review, 2017, Heavy Collective)

Review of Foreigner for Heavy (Review, 2017, Heavy Collective)

Review of Phenomena for Heavy (Review, 2017, Heavy Collective)

Review of Aeronautics in the Backyard for Heavy (Review, 2017, Heavy Collective)

Review of There are No Homosexuals in Iran for Heavy (Review, 2018, Heavy Collective)

On ‘Forming’, group show at Wedge Gallery (Essay, 2017, Wedge Gallery)

Selected Artists Essays:

Ebony Secombe, Navigating Fear Through Empathy – Catalogue Essay for Ebony’s solo show, Articulate Project Space, 2018

Turbid Immersion: On Seeing Things – Essay for Max Berry artist book, 2018.
All Kinds of Derive – Essay on Painting, for group show Rude Assembly, curated by Max Berry, Limited Edition Booklet, 2018.
Images Around Aspic and Beyond – Essay on Charmain Clift’s Love for Greece in Split Journal, 2018
A Welcomed Madness – On Aphrodisiacs, For Divine Journal 001, Curated by Micha Couell, 2017.
Gleaning an Utterance – Short Essay for Catherine Clayton Smith’s ‘Intensive Care’, Limited edition Pamphlet, 2017.
Solitary Migrations – Essay for A Return to Slow, Max Berry artist book, 2016.
Mirrors and Smoke – Some thoughts on Precious Metals – Critical Essay for Jack Mannix’s Photography Monograph, 2014.