Weather Vent (2015 – )

Welcome to the weather vent. Weather Vent is a professional, psychological support service put in place to help you. Please leave your message after the beep, and indicate your postcode for statistical purposes.

Presented as part of SafARI 2016 (–> http://www.ᔕᗅᖴᕱᖇᑊ.com ) and installed at Cross Arts in Potts Point to open on March 11 2015.

Weather Vent is a device, service and installation for weather complaints promoted across social media and rural newspaper classifieds with the aim of garnering responses from a varying demographic of Australians.

If anyone feels like they would wish to complain please leave a voice message or text at the following number – or if you know of anyone that might find the Weather Vent useful, please forward this information on to them!

————> 0459 800 707 <————-

Many Thanks,
Angela Garrick

The Weather Vent is a public service assisting the those who wish to complain about adverse weather conditions in Australia.

It is not a business venture – it is an ongoing psychological support service open for those who wish to express their frustration over uncontrollable climate conditions.

There is no actual engagement with the participants – they only leave a message if they wish to do so.

Weather Vent can be interpreted as primarily exploring the nature of human communication. Communication is rapidly evolving in a similar way to our physical ecology – archaic technological modes becoming out-dated, as they are ‘outmoded’, whilst the world has also shifted to a moment of extreme precocity.

The metaphor of weather looks at the nature of basic human contact. We talk about the weather, it acts as the object of essential small talk that binds humans to one another. The irony inherent is that as we enter the Anthropocene there is a sentiment of trying to ‘save’ nature – but until this point of crisis it is seen as somewhat ‘inconvenient’ – something that is almost outside society – but in actual fact it is essential to our existence.

Steven Vogel argues that we need to think of nature ‘like a mall’, as there is nothing that remains untouched from humans as we enter this new geological epoch. And one must wonder how the weather vent – as ongoing archive – will shape as time goes on and us our climate condition evolves alongside our society.

‘Pollution is in fashion today, exactly in the same way as a revolution: it dominates the whole life of society, and it is represented in illusory form in the spectacle.’
– Guy Debord

A discussion of the work between Artist Angela Garrick and curator Esther Rolfe
On ABC TV ‘Lateline’: Video News Story (& Interview with Artist)
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The following is a compilation of text message weather vents received throughout summer 2015/6.

Hello Weather Vent

I would like to vent my frustration and annoyance with the current weather situation. The continuing heat every day is affecting my blood pressure and circulation in my legs to such an extent that I am unable to leave the house. What can done to relieve the 30 degree heat every day? Also at night it is almost impossible to sleep comfortably with the dreadful humidity. This is very disturbing for me to achieve some semblance of rest!

An Unhappy Pensioner

What with this weather. I expect at this time of the year to have a cold due to the changing season or hay fever; not because the air conditioning is turned up so high it feels like it should be snowing! Then going outside with a jumper on a passing out from the heat and the inability to breathe due to a nasty head cold but excessive humidity. I know climate change is real but this is a joke.

I hate summer in Sydney

The weather in Australia is perfect. Aussies are just whingers. In china I had to check the air quality every morning to see if it was safe 2 go out

My favourite thing about staying in hotels is blasting the air conditioning.

I feel more productive in winter

When the weather doesn’t ruin the party

When a cyclone almost ruins a holiday

I wish to vent my disappointment and concern with the state of the current weather. As a daily swimmer the harbour and ocean water has reached 24.6 degrees, almost dangerous and a potentially fatal temperature for people with high blood pressure and heart conditions. This is almost hydrotherapy conditions.! and too warm at this time in March! We want to continue to swim but what if the water temperatures continue to rise? Is this the result of Global Warming? Even the Golden Orb Spiders have arrived a month earlier than normal! Bring back Autumn! Bye bye to Summer!

Sad swimmer

I’m in this heat and I remain

A victim to innocent thirst and

a rain that will not flush away the bedroom walls

Bead a sweat of drench unease

Calcified teeth meet – the glass clinks

Washed in carbonated piss

Enough for this moment and

This moment enough for history

The size of tropical rain drops to

loosen the work done and the baked on oil

Drippings on droppings

float up…

A cook disturbed and ruined

A new heat rises from earth

humid rot and the coldness of space

around this multitude of waste

The harbour water temperatures are very high at the moment and are exceptional for March – is this another indicator of climate change?

I hate coming home every afternoon covered in burns and dripping with sweat!

Tired of a succession of Governments saying “that there is no such thing as global warming ‘and therefore our current erratic weather in no way is reflective of this . Get Real!!!!!!!