Artist Books

1. Encounters (2015)

“Encounters is the first collection of the poetry of A.Bermuda, a pseudonym of Angela Garrick, compiled into one small volume. In the spirit of the great Marion Milner, Encounters reflects trace memories, fragments of long travels, retrospective moments and early lyrics – transposed, morphed and reconsidered.”

2. Feathering (2016)

“Feathering looks at imagined glances, sideways thoughts, to twilight and to what is inbetween. Feathering is an attempt to remember what has been forgotten. Swift movements and small moments have been presented here as concrete, for the reader to take with them and run. The imaginations produced will correspond with a new future, and a different past to the author, but these images will be of interest to any reader.
We look forward to this conversation. The Rock and Roll format has an often rigid structure that leaves much by the wayside. Feathering takes off from the moment when Encounters left off, fleeting between all kinds of complex thoughts to the banal and everyday. ”